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Preventative Maintenance Program

Michigan's Best in Commercial Equipment Maintenance

Stop Breakdowns and Interruptions Before They Happen

Don’t let an unexpected malfunction ruin the productivity of your entire operation. Take initiative with our On Schedule maintenance program to make your day-to-day operations smoother and worry-free. 

There’s no need to keep track of all your equipment’s separate maintenance routines when SBP is here to help! For example, on our preventative maintenance plan, your air compressors will receive oil and air filter changes every 3 months without you having to give it a second thought. With On Schedule, your maintenance plan is already in place and we’ll care for your equipment as if it were our own.

On Schedule Means Ahead of Downtime

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s twice as true when you’re considering the value of time and money in a production setting. The On Schedule equipment maintenance program from SBP makes keeping your equipment in working condition a breeze. By signing up before problems arise, you enjoy straightforward, reliable service that keeps the most important parts of your business in working order, protecting your employees and your productivity. We make things simple and you can renew on a yearly basis for convenience and peace of mind. Contact us to learn more!

Protect Your Daily Workflow with Consistent Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance program makes your work more efficient and reliable without interruption. Call us to sign up or learn more!

At SBP We Go Above & Beyond To Meet
Service Needs

Licensed & Insured
We’re a qualified team of licensed and insured mechanical and electrical contractors. The services we provide ensure the safety of our clients.
Layout Consultation
From installation to maintenance and repair to replacement, we’re a one-stop shop for every aspect of your equipment’s life cycle.
One-Stop Shop
Make confident, informed decisions about your equipment. Our team specializes in helping clients identify and implement the best equipment for the job at hand.
On Schedule
For every equipment purchase, our team offers equipment layout consultations to ensure clients can streamline their workflow and maximize the use of space.
Professional Insight
Keep equipment running smoothly without delays or interruptions when you use our On Schedule preventative maintenance plan.
Financing Options
Don’t wait to achieve your business goals—get equipment up and running with financing options that don’t force you to break the bank.
Hear Why Customers Rely On Us
Esad Livadic's Rating
Nice small place well organized, dock area is on the back side of the 7th mile from side street enter you have to be able back up to the dock, very friendly people and Lady answering phone is really helpful and professional. Esad Livadic
Saif Yousif's Rating
Help my business start up and grow. Ken and his crew have been there For the past five years they deserve every penny I paid them. very honest if you need professional and straight forward advise for your equipment ken is the guy to call Saif Yousif

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