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Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation Systems in Michigan

Make Safety a Priority With Proper Air Supply

Proper ventilation is the lifeblood of your business. From moisture problems and odors to serious pollutants, broken, outdated, or otherwise lacking ventilation can result in a host of problems. Employees can’t do their best work in a poorly ventilated environment and customers won’t feel comfortable visiting your worksite if there isn’t clean air. The knowledgeable SBP team makes it easy to install, upgrade, and maintain mechanical ventilation systems in any facility. 

From vent hoods to exhaust fans, we have years of experience in understanding the unique needs of commercial and industrial businesses. Our technicians will help you understand your options and offer guidance on equipment placement for maximum effectiveness. Double the reliability when you sign up for our On Schedule maintenance program. Get in touch with us today for service and enjoy a fresh breath of relief.

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Our team will help you find the right products to suit your business and your growth goals.

Breathe Easier & Enjoy Peace of Mind

Our top-quality CaptiveAire systems increase airflow throughout your place of business, improving air quality and flushing out pollutants. This will reduce the accumulation of allergens, particulates, and moisture, which can lead to larger mechanical issues and health problems. Proper ventilation also ensures you have more control over the source of your air and can reduce wasteful leaks in your air system, saving you additional money in the long run. Learn more about the benefits of mechanical ventilation from SBP when you give us a call!

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At SBP We Go Above & Beyond To Meet
Service Needs

Licensed & Insured
As licensed and insured mechanical and electrical contractors, we provide qualified services that keep our clients safe.
Layout Consultation
With equipment purchases, the SBP team offers equipment layout consultations to streamline workflow and maximize the usage of space.
One-Stop Shop
We’re a one-stop shop for every aspect of your equipment’s lifecycle, from installation to maintenance and repair to replacement.
On Schedule
Our preventative maintenance plan makes it easy to keep equipment running smoothly without delays or interruptions.
Professional Insight
Our team specializes in helping clients identify the best equipment for the job at hand, allowing them to make confident, informed decisions.
Financing Options
With financing options, you can achieve your business goals and equipment upgrades without breaking the bank.
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Esad Livadic's Rating
Nice small place well organized, dock area is on the back side of the 7th mile from side street enter you have to be able back up to the dock, very friendly people and Lady answering phone is really helpful and professional. Esad Livadic
Saif Yousif's Rating
Help my business start up and grow. Ken and his crew have been there For the past five years they deserve every penny I paid them. very honest if you need professional and straight forward advise for your equipment ken is the guy to call Saif Yousif

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